EVSwap Debuts First EV Conversion in Moab, Utah

Company Converts 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser to 100% Fully Electric Power, Demonstrating What is Possible with “EV” Swap

Moab, UtahMay 1, 2022 – A 100% electric Land Cruiser vehicle converted by EVSwap proved itself in the rugged desert terrain in Moab, Utah on steep rock climbs, sandy desert tracks, and crossing rough boulder fields. On Friday, April 29, 2022, the EVSwap vehicle, driven by EVSwap founder and CEO Jimmy Underhill, completed the trail known as Wipe-Out Hill, proving itself in the challenging desert terrain.

Commenting on the unique sound of the all-electric vehicle while climbing up a steep, sandy incline, Underhill stated, “It sounds like an electric RC car.” The vehicle completed 12 miles of rugged off-road driving with approximately 50% of the battery power remaining.

The 80kw electric motor was found to match the vehicle's 4x4 drivetrain perfectly, providing seamless torque from a stop and climbing up all obstacles with ease. Its 30kwh battery provides about 50 miles of range in the city and about 30 miles in offroad conditions. It has a top speed of 65mph and has seats for six passengers and a driver. The vehicle is equipped with a 2.5” suspension lift, rear locking differential, 33” tires and an electric winch; and is capable of crossing the most rugged terrain. The vehicle is equipped with a CHAdeMO fast charger capable of charging in 40 minutes or less. It features an electric power steering pump and electric vacuum pump which maintain the vehicle's OEM ABS braking, power steering and airbag systems for reliability and safety. The electric motor also provides regenerative braking and allows “one-pedal driving” of a modern EV.

The electric Land Cruiser is equipped with a Gamiviti roof rack with 400 watts of solar panels, which can be used to charge the vehicle. “Right now it would take probably two to three weeks to charge from 0 to 100% on solar alone,” added Underhill, “but it is an experiment and we have to start somewhere. It is a proof of concept and it does charge the vehicle via solar power.”

The solar panels charge a smaller battery in the rear of the vehicle that is 15% of the capacity of the main battery, and it can be used as an emergency reserve or just to top up the main battery, or charge cell phones, drones or other applications. “The next version will have a range of 150 miles,” said Underhill. “The more batteries we add, the further it will go.”

The EVSwap team brought their vehicle to the Cruise Moab event hosted by the Rising Sun 4x4 Club of Colorado from April 25 to May 1, 2022. The event celebrated its 25th anniversary and was attended by hundreds of participants and curious visitors. The electric conversion was the first 100% Electric Vehicle to participate in a Cruise Moab event.

Concluding, Underhill added, “The EVSwap Land Cruiser was a huge hit attracting lots of attention from the crowd, composed primarily of off-road enthusiasts and their families. We didn't have a single negative comment and everyone appeared to love the truck!”

According to Allied Market Research, the global electric vehicle market was valued at $163 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $824 billion by 2030. Electric vehicles have demonstrated that they outperform conventional vehicles providing higher fuel economy, low carbon emission and maintenance, convenience of charging at home, smoother drive and reduced sound from the engine.

About EVSwap

Founded in 2021, EVSwap is a company engaged in pioneering advancements in the conversion of conventional gas-powered automobiles to vehicles powered solely by electric propulsion systems. The company is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please visit or contact Jimmy Underhill at